Wix Toolset License Agreement Text

(B) No Trademark License – This license does not grant you any right to use the name, logo or trademarks of the contributors. This license governs the use of the associated software. If you use the software, you agree to this license. If you do not accept the license, do not use the software. A Rich Text Format (RTF) file of the license agreement must be generated based on the license field in a package manifest (Cargo.toml) when the –init flag is used. The WixUI_FeatureTree set is used in the embedded template because it displays a dialog box to customize the installation. All built-in dialogs for the WiX toolset have a licensing dialog. A generic placeholder is used when the tag is not used or commented on, but we should be able to use the license information in the package manifest to automatically replace the generic placeholder with the package-specific license. Added the -l,–license option, which can be used to specify the path to a file that becomes the License.txt file. This does not affect the license that appears during installation, but it is a simple implementation to process the license file of the installation location.

Next comes the text of the license agreement. We open a pressed text with scrolling content. The actual text enters the internal text tag. You can use RTF-style text here, so it`s best to create your license agreement in a word processor and export it to RTF (Wordpad is probably the best word processor for this purpose, the more sophisticated can create much more detailed RTF files; even if you use it, you need to save the final version of Wordpad again): The WiX Toolset (WiX) is licensed under the Microsoft Reciprocal License (MS-RL). The MS-RL regulates the distribution of licensed software as well as derivative works and contains the definition of a derivative work under U.S. copyright law. OuterCurve Foundation (and .NET Foundation) does not consider installation packages generated by WiX to fall within the definition of a derivative work simply because they are created with WiX. Therefore, installation packages generated by WiX typically fall outside the scope of MS-RL, and your source code, binaries, libraries, routines, or other software components embedded in installation packages generated by WiX may be subject to different license terms. (F) The Software is licensed “as is”. You bear the risk of use. Contributors make no express warranties or conditions. You may have additional consumer rights under your local laws that cannot be changed by this license.



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