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For this purpose, Laura Haas, dean of the College of Information and Computer Sciences, together with a representative of IBM, leads the steering committee of the university`s research agreement with IBM. Haas worked at IBM for 36 years before joining UMass and currently owns IBM shares, according to the financial expression of interest it filed this year with the state`s ethics committee. However, in some contracts, the scope of what is considered an invention of a company is quite broad. For example, its agreement with Raytheon defines a Raytheon staff member to “include employees who may also be university students or have a university appointment.” All of these collaborators` inventions “are and will remain the exclusive and exclusive property of Raytheon,” the agreement states. “It`s a research project, it`s not a job for rent, so the faculty member is the one who runs it and is responsible for ad compliance with the terms of the agreement,” Haas wrote. “I was able to influence IBM`s research direction and business.” While students have an obligation to avoid crowded spaces, the agreement states that students “do not organize, organize or participate in meetings and parties where social distancing is not possible. [You] will withdraw from the Assembly immediately upon an order from the Amherst Police Service, your local police departments or the UMass Police Department. The agreement emphasizes the highly contagious nature of COVID-19 and states that it is “possible to develop and infect the COVID-19 virus, even if they comply with all safety measures [provided for in the agreement] and the health and health professionals recommended by the CDC, local, government, and federal health and health professionals.” In addition to the above-mentioned companies, UMass Amherst has concluded research agreements with the Belgian chemical company Solvay; Pratt & Whitney, a subsidiary of military company United Technologies; British defence, security and aerospace company BAE Systems; high-performance networking company Juniper Networks; medical device manufacturer Spacelabs Healthcare; and SRCCO Inc., a subsidiary of Semiconductor Research Corporation. In an email, Haas said she was sensitive to the possibility of conflicts of interest, but there are none when it comes to the research agreement with IBM, which she said was “in the works long before I arrived at UMass.” It added that it did not cooperate with the IBM research group, which is a party to the agreement, and that its role on the steering committee was “mainly pro forma”. For example, in its contract with IBM, UMass grants the company “the opportunity to negotiate an exclusive commercialization license” for UMass inventions and joint inventions “on economically reasonable terms.” The university granted PepsiCo “a first option to obtain an exclusive worldwide paid license (with the right to sublicense)” for UMass`s or common intellectual property, designed or developed as part of its research agreement, provided that the company demonstrates a “careful effort” to commercialize this intellectual property in the public interest. . .



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