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29 (1) A lessor may not register a rental unit subject to a lease for any purpose unless one of the following conditions applies: (b) reduces the rent in an amount corresponding to the depreciation of the lease resulting from the termination or limitation of the service or establishment. “new tenant” means a tenant who has entered into a lease agreement for a rental unit but is prevented from using the rental unit by a tenant; (3) A clause in a rental agreement is not applicable: (b) where the tenant begins to keep a pet during the lease, if, at the beginning of the lease, no condition check has been carried out and 3 For the purposes of Article 6(3).b of the Law [unenforceable clause], a lease clause is `ruthless`, if the clause is against or grossly unfair to a party. 6 (1) The rights, obligations and prohibitions under this Act apply between the lessor and the lessee of a lease agreement. (2) An application by a lessor under Article 55 [Landlord`s Property Code], 56 [Application for Early Termination of Lease] or 56.1 [Ownership Regulations: Impediment to Tenancy] shall be submitted to the lessee in one of the following ways: (c) a period within which a lessor or lessee has received an order from the manager that the agreement of the other is not necessary. (j) appropriate space for the tenant to indicate the landlord`s consent or refusal of assessment of the condition of the rental unit and content, as well as additional comments; A tenant may have customers – it is not the owner`s business. But if it looks like the guests have moved in, the tenant can break the lease. The landlord can increase the rent – at most if the rental agreement allows for a rent increase, if more people move into the rental unit. Or the landlord may try to end the tenancy due to an inappropriate number of residents. If a tenant receives a roommate who does not have a rental agreement with the landlord, the roommate is not covered by housing law and does not have a position with the landlord. Disputes between tenants and roommates are not handled by the Residential Tenancy Branch. Instead, parties should go to the Civil Resolution Court (for disputes up to $5,000) or the Small Claims Court (for disputes between $5,000 and $US 35,000).

Landlords are required to establish a written agreement for each rental. Even if a landlord does not prepare one, tenants are protected. (ii) within fifteen days of the end of the rental agreement, the lessor makes a request for settlement of disputes under the Housing Tenancy Act to require part or all of the deposit or bond for pets. (iii) an order of ownership under Article 54 [Tenant`s Property Code], 55 [Landlord`s Property Regulations], 56 [Request for Early Termination of Lease] or 56.1 [Property Regulations: Rental Refreshment]; (a.1) determining the circumstances in which a lessor may include in a fixed-term lease an obligation for the lessee to grant a rental unit at the end of the term; 2. A lessor may not calculate the remuneration referred to in paragraph (1) (d) or (e) unless the lease provides for such remuneration. (ii) the terms of an agreement with the lessee under the Replacement Contracts Act, the Power Act or another decree, 100 (1) § 23 [Verification of condition: commencement of lease] and 24 [Consequences if reporting obligations are not fulfilled] this Act does not apply to a lessor or lessee in respect of a rental agreement that commenced before 1 January; 2004, except in the cases referred to in paragraph 2. . . .


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