Rules Of Origin Under The Asean Trade In Goods Agreement Mean

(f) a simple mixture of products, whether or not of a different nature, where one or more components of the mixture do not permit the conditions laid down in those provisions for being considered as originating; (22) The customs authority of the importing Party shall accept an AIFTA certificate of origin where the sales invoice is issued either by a company operating in a third country or by an exporter of the AINL on behalf of that company, provided that the product meets the requirements of those rules. According to ATIGA, the goods are considered to originate in the Member State in which the goods were processed or processed. This condition is determined by compliance with at least one of the following conditions: (ii) when all non-originating materials used in the manufacture of the products have undergone a change in the four-digit tariff classification (HS head) – see introduction for more information. 4. EACH ITEM MUST BE QUALIFIED: It should be noted that all goods in a shipment must be qualified separately in their own law. This is of particular importance when similar items of different sizes or spare parts are shipped. (b) The original shall be transmitted to the importer at the same time as the tripling by the exporter. Only the original copy shall be deposited by the importer with the customs authority of the port or place of importation. The duplicate shall be retained by the issuing authority of the exporting Party. The triple deposit is retained by the importer. The four times are retained by the exporter. (a) in accordance with the exporting Party`s usual domestic commercial practices; and 2. As regards textiles and textile products listed in Annex II to Annex II to this Regulation, a product or raw material shall not be considered as originating in a Party because it has undergone only one of the following conditions:- 10.

(a) The AIFTA certificate of origin shall be issued by the issuing authority of the exporting Party at the time of export or within three working days from the date of transfer; where the products to be exported may be considered as products originating in that Contracting Party within the meaning of these Rules. Narrow fabrics, excluding products of heading No 12. 58.07; narrow fabrics, consisting of pots without shooting, assembled with the help of glue (bolducs).


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