Dod Grants And Cooperative Agreements Handbook

(a) objective. (1) The objective of this section is to implement 10 U.S.C. 983 in the case of subsidies. Under this status, DoD components are prohibited from providing higher education institutions with funds that have policies or practices as described in paragraph (c) of this section, which limit military recruiters` access to campus or the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). (2) As regards research and development, the appropriate use of grants and cooperation agreements is therefore almost exclusively limited to the implementation of selected basic, applied and advanced research projects. Development projects are almost always carried out by contract or other acquisition operations, as their main objective is the acquisition of certain delivery goods (e.g. B prototypes or other equipment) for the benefit of the Ministry of Defence. 5For copies of the standard forms referred to in this section, please contact the Regional Scholarship Administration Offices of the Office of Naval Research. Office addresses are listed in the Federal Directory of Contract Administration Services (CAS) Components, which can be found on the Defense Contract Management Agency home page under (iii) Where the beneficiary decides to appeal the decision of the delegate, the beneficiary, upon receipt of the decision of the grant delegate, shall have the remedy referred to in Article 22.815 (e) 3) (i) 90 calendar days or 150 calendar days where ADR procedures are applied.

(b) the legal obligation to apply competition procedures. 1. A delegate for financial assistance may not grant financial assistance to a higher education institution under procedures other than those focused on performance and competition (within the meaning of Article 22.315) for the carrying out of research and development or for the construction of research facilities or other institutions, except: 1. If the beneficiary pays the amount due to the financial delegate within 30 calendar days, the person responsible for the authorisation shall forward the payment to the competent paying agency. (a) objective. This Section lays down the procedures for the settlement of debts incurred by beneficiaries of grants and cooperation agreements and their transfer to the paying agencies for recovery. (b) the settlement of the debt. The Grants Officer shall endeavour, by mutual agreement, to resolve all claims relating to a beneficiary`s indebtedness to the United States resulting from financial assistance or a cooperation agreement (e.g.B.


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