Charter Spectrum Service Agreement

Spectrum App on Roku sucks! If you plan to use it as an alternative to standard cables, don`t waste time. That is: You plan to cut the cable by running the spectrum app on Roku, for example, there are so many problems that it`s not even worth mentioning everyone. Suffice it to say that this is not a viable alternative. I don`t understand why the people at Spectrum wouldn`t hire the right people to do this job. But they do what they`ve always done, they postulate it as a viable product and it doesn`t. Sling TV also has some problems, but nothing in comparison. The most consistent service or app I`ve seen is Hulu. I don`t know anything about DirecTV now because, for some silly reason, they only support devices with the same IP address, which is not a viable solution for me and my family Cable is great, internet is great, but the streaming spectrum app turns off every night. What is the point of a Smart TV, if you can not even broadcast your cable, this is their way to get you to buy another box Today I canceled my spectrum due to the fact that they did not charge me for 6 months after moving from one place to another, after calling them several times from October to April.

The question of why I was not charged for their answer is in the mail. On April 1st, I received a retro invoice for the last 6 months with the inscription “Ops, we forgot to charge you” I called and asked for a payment plan because of their mistake and I do not have $600, the representative told me that they would not do it and that they would change the due date to the end of the month and excuses for the bad form, So, in April, I made two payments that, in good faith, total $350. annoying me since I made my last payment, I spoke today to a representative and told my story, they apologized and said they were forwarding my account to troubleshoot to see why the system doesn`t give me a monthly fee instead of a retro, but they still need the full amount today or the services are suspended…


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