Usda Relocation Service Agreement

An incentive to move may be paid to a worker who is not required to terminate an existing residence or who does not need to physically transfer his family, household, goods, etc., to the new geographic site to obtain an incentive to move. For example, the employee could keep a data set in another geographic area and reside on the new site during the work week. In addition to installing a residence on the new geographic site prior to payment of a relocation incentive, a worker must reside at the new geographic site for the duration of the service contract. A relocation incentive is terminated for employees who do not have a residence on the new geographic site for the duration of the service contract. At regular intervals during the service contract, staff may be required to provide proof of residence. Examples of proof of residence are a rental agreement, proof of the purchase of a property, an electricity bill or a similar document to ensure that the employee is still on the new site. An incentive to relocate cannot be paid to those appointed by the President (with the exception of SES delegates); non-professional employees of the senior executive service; Persons in positions who, because of their confidential, political or political natures, are excluded from competition; Agency officials; Those who are to be appointed to the Agency`s office; Term candidates or emergencies limited to SES if the appointment is to be made through the White House Presidential Staff Office. Before paying an incentive to relocate, an agency must develop an incentive plan for relocation. The plan must include the appointment of officials who are entitled to verify and approve the payment of relocation incentives, the appointment of officials entitled to waive the reimbursement of a relocation incentive, categories of workers who may not receive an incentive to relocate, the documents necessary to determine that a position is likely to be difficult to fill , requirements to determine the level of incentive to relocate, authorized payment methods, mandatory service agreements (including criteria for determining the length of a period of service, conditions for termination of a service contract, and agency and staff obligations when a service contract is terminated), as well as documentation and registration requirements. Unless the Head of the Agency decides otherwise, an incentive plan to relocate the Agency must apply uniformly throughout the Agency.


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