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You`ll notice that two new tabs are added to the General tab. Each tab is used to set up a one-sided agreement, and each one-sided agreement is a complete message transaction (including message transmission and confirmation transmission). You`ll learn how to navigate effectively through the transaction management interface and help you make EDI support, customer service and other similar roles more effective if access to relevant healthcare transaction information is essential to customer satisfaction. In addition, how to implement the appropriate design options when you set up the key elements of TPM: business partners, agreements and relationships. This offers flexibility and scalability, so changes can be managed effectively in complex environments. On-site or virtually for customer groups Training at your location Duration: 1 day In this step, you set up an X12 commercial partnership agreement to set the X12 message exchange settings between the two trading partners OrderSystem and Fabrikam. Click OK. The newly added agreement is mentioned in the “Agreements” section of the “Parties and Business Profiles” section. The newly added agreement is enabled by default.

In the General Properties page for the Name text box, enter a name for the agreement. BizTalk Server needs the qualification and identifier fields for the sender and recipient to make the match resolution. It will match the values of ISA5, ISA6, ISA7 and ISA8 in exchange points with those in the properties of an agreement. BizTalk Server also resolves the agreement by comparing the sender`s qualifier with the identifier (excluding the receivers and identifiers). If BizTalk Server cannot terminate the agreement, the properties of the case agreement will be used. Transaction management is the toolkit that provides a 360-degree view of the exchange of documents between partners. It allows operational end-users to access up-to-date and archived data that is essential for making claims, solving problems and responding to partner requests. Trading Partner Management is the set of tools that support Edifecs Transaction Management and define the validation rules applied to certain transactions in a scalable and manageable way. Experts will teach you how to effectively use this key component of Edifecs Smart Trading. Live Virtual, $800/person Interactive Virtual Sessions, several dates Duration: 8 hours.


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