Stock Option Grant Agreement

2.6. Exercise restrictions. This option can only be exercised after the company`s shareholders approve the plan. If the issuance of shares in such a fiscal year or if the method of payment of these shares would constitute a violation of existing federal or state securities or other laws or regulations, the option cannot be exercised either. The entity may require Optionee to provide the assurance and guarantee required by existing legislation or regulations before authorizing the exercise of the option. The conditions and restrictions applicable to your price, including what happens in the event of termination or suspension of your employment, are included in this agreement, which contains the schedule, and are also summarized in the prospectus. The price is also subject to all necessary restrictions, adjustments or recovery measures under the Emergence Economic Stability Act 2008 as amended, agreements between the company and the U.S. Department of Finance and/or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, corporate policy, other legal, regulatory or regulatory requirements, stock exchange listing requirements or exchange requirements to allow the company to benefit from loans, grants, investments or other public programs. (d) by a “net year” agreement under which the Company will reduce the number of common shares issued after the exercise of your option by the largest number of common shares whose market price does not exceed the total execution price; However, provided that the Company accepts a cash or other payment from you to the amount of a balance of the total exercise price that is not satisfied with such a reduction in the total number of common shares to be issued; however, if the common shares of your choice are no longer pending and can no longer be exercised thereafter, as long as (i) the common shares are used to pay the exercise price in accordance with the net year, (ii) that common shares are delivered to you as a result of such an exercise and (iii) that the common shares are retained to meet the obligations of the tax retention. 3.1. No voting rights.

Until the share certificate that was obtained as part of the exercise of the option (as evidenced by the corresponding listing in the company`s books or a properly authorized transfer agent of the company), there is no voting rights or dividends or other rights as shareholders with respect to the shares subject to the option. The company issues (or is required to issue) this certificate of participation in shares without delay after the exercise of the option. There is no correction for a dividend or other right for which the registration date is set before the date of issuance of the share certificate, unless the plan provides for it.


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