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In the case of a fixed-term lease, landlords can only increase the rent if they have set certain conditions for rent increases in the tenancy agreement. In all cases, the owner can only increase once over a 6-month period. The landlord must give written notice to the tenant at least 60 days before the rent increase. During the first two weeks of a lease, a landlord or broker cannot require a tenant to pay rent more than two weeks in advance. After this period expires, the rent should be paid as agreed by the landlord and tenant in the tenancy agreement. The prohibition applies to the lessor or real estate agent who requires such a payment, so that the lessor, if he voluntarily chooses to rent more than two weeks in advance, can accept the payment [s 54]. The lessor`s obligations are defined by the conditions of the Imponentum and the laws specific to South Australia. The owner must: to be a residential lease agreement, a contract must be entered into for apartment buildings that are leased for residential purposes. A contract to lease commercial space (for example. B a company) cannot be a rental agreement. A lease of residential buildings that are part of commercial premises or located on commercial or agricultural land is not a lease agreement, unless the occupant of residential buildings is not the tenant under the commercial lease (i.e. a subtenant). If the landlord does not collect the full rent due because a tenant does not pay his share, all the roommates would be in breach of the contract.

A lessor may apply to the court (SACAT) for an order to terminate a lease and issue ownership of the premises in the event of a breach of the agreement, which is serious enough to warrant termination of the contract [s 87(1)]. This procedure may be preferable to termination by denunciation in accordance with Section 80 if the offence cannot be corrected. In South Australia, there are three legal categories of agreements that can cover housing units. Knowing which one should apply to your situation is essential to understanding the corresponding rights and duties. In addition, a lease agreement may also establish that the court is also entitled to compensate a lessor in the event of losses and inconveniences when the termination of a lease has occurred as a result of an intervention decision [s 89A (10)]. The Equal Opportunity Act of 1984 (SA) makes it illegal to discriminate against someone on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status [s 40]; Race [s 62]; Old age [s 85L]; Disability [s 77]; Family or domestic partnership status, spouse`s or domestic partner`s identity, pregnancy or duty of care [s 85ZH] while trying to obtain housing. These include renting apartments, houses or rooms and staying in hotels, motels or caravan parks. For example, it would be illegal for a landlord to accept a rent application from a pregnant single woman because there was no man who was there to help. Complaints can be lodged with the Equal Opportunity Commission. For more information, see Discrimination.

3. What is the 1st? A roommate is when two or more people are registered in a rental agreement (rental agreement) with a lessor. As a tenant, you share all the rights and obligations of other tenants, for example.B. in a dwelling house. One or both tenants may be legally held liable by the landlord. It is important to know that disputes between tenants are not covered by the Rental Housing Act. So make sure you are safe before entering into a lease, as you must pay a legal fee if you have to settle disputes in court. In this situation, it is important that the agreement clearly indicates the areas of the house, of which each tenant is exclusively (z.B.

bedroom) and sharing (for example.B.


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