Rsu Agreement Template

1. Planning. This sentence is subject to all the conditions set out in the plan and plan, as they can be amended from time to time and are taken up by reference. Terms that are not defined in this agreement are defined in the plan. If a condition or condition in this premium is incompatible with the plan, the plan is under control. By accepting this award, you unconditionally accept the applicable terms and conditions of the plan and premium. Notwithstanding the above, this arbitration award is not amended or adjusted if this amendment or adjustment would result in the award not meeting the requirements of Section 409A of the Code. The awarding of an award in one year does not entitle you to a prize in a subsequent year. The amendment, which sufficiently increases the number of common shares in the plan, will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the plan. 14. Employment according to will.

There is nothing in this agreement or plan that gives the Participant the right to continue the business for a specified period of time or to restrict or restrict the rights of the company (or a parent or subsidiary that employs or retains a participant) or of the participant whose rights are expressly reserved by each. , to terminate the service of Participant153s with the company at any time for any reason, with or without reason. 15. Sustainability. The provisions of this agreement are dissociable and if one or more provisions are considered illegal or non-applicable, in whole or in part, the other provisions are nevertheless binding and enforceable. 16. Electronic delivery. The entity may decide, at its sole discretion, to electronically forward all documents relating to participation in the plan, TO the PRUs or future PRUs that may be granted under the plan (including, but not only, to the declarations possibly required by the Securities and Exchange Commission) or to seek the agreement of 153s participants to participate in the plan electronically. The participant agrees to receive these documents electronically and, at his request, to agree to participate in the plan through an online or electronic system set up and maintained by the company or by any other third party designated by the company. 17.

Impose other requirements. The company reserves the right to impose additional requirements for the participation of participants 153 in the plan, the premium and all actions acquired under the plan, as long as the company deems it necessary or desirable to comply with local law or facilitate the management of the plan, and to require that I sign additional agreements or commitments that may be necessary to carry out the above. (d) the inability of the company to obtain the agreement of a successor of the company, to take over the acceptance and approval of the performance of the member`s conservation contract, to the extent that such an agreement requires it. (a) No right to the continuation of the service relationship. The participant acknowledges and accepts that the penetration of the RSUs in accordance with Section 2 of the RSUs is only gained by the continuation of the service according to the company`s will (not by the deed of leasing or acquiring shares under this list). The participant also acknowledges and accepts that the proposed transactions and the vesting schedule indicated in them do not constitute an explicit or tacit undertaking to continue cooperation with the company during the blackout period, for any period of time or for any period. The participant acknowledges that his service to the company is suspended for all purposes of the plan on the last day of the active relationship with the company, which does not include legal or reasonable notice or a period of service or salary maintenance.


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