Loan Agreement Preamble

B. The borrower applied for a loan on the website and the lenders agreed to finance an amount, as stated in the latter, citing the borrower`s agreements and the insurance and guarantees contained in it. OMTPL resulting from late payment events covered by point 7 of this loan agreement and/or a violation by the borrower of the transaction documents and/or a violation of the terms and conditions by the borrower and/or a failure by the borrower to comply with the laws, rules and regulations or agreements in force from time to time. “loan,” the amount of the loan/subsidy defined in the loan agreement and, if there is more than one lender, for each lender, the amount of the loan/subsidy indicated in the loan agreement on behalf of that loan. A. OMTPL is engaged in the operation of an online au pair credit platform, which connects potential borrowers and potential lenders and facilitates the breeding of borrowers via its website and allows lenders to finance unsecured/secured private and commercial loans. All guarantees, commitments and agreements made by the contracting parties are binding on the contracting parties and their legal representatives and rebates. This loan agreement (as well as any modification or modification of the loan agreement) replaces all prior conversations and agreements, written or written, between the parties with respect to transactions under this agreement. ON DEMAND, I, Borrower 1, the Borrower unconditionally promise to pay [investor`s name], the lender in Calcutta or elsewhere, as the lender may qualify, the principal sum of Rs. [20,000/-] “Only Twenty Thousand” with interest on the date of these payments and including payment dates, at interest of 18% (eighteen percent) per year. This amount cannot exceed the amount owed by the borrower to the lender in accordance with the repayment plan set out in the loan agreement between the borrower and the loan agreement. The borrower herely acknowledges that the time of the essence of these bonds, and without conditions, promises that the borrower does not pay, for each amount of principal and interest due on that debt, a late tax of 27.00% (twenty-seven points zero per cent) per year above the prevailing interest rate. “trust agreement,” the June 30, 2017 agreement between OMTPL, the agent and the agent for the creation of the trust account.

b) This loan agreement, together with the transaction documents, constitutes the entire agreement between the contracting parties. Lenders have the right to be recorded and credited, which lenders can use at any time, without prejudice to their specific rights under other agreements, at their discretion and without the borrower`s notice, to use all the borrower`s funds belonging to the borrower and owed by the lenders to the borrower, on any of the amounts due and or owed by the lenders as part of a loan facility, including any fees/commissions payable under this loan agreement.


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