Cctv Agreement Form

6.2 The terms of this agreement can only be changed by a written agreement between the parties. 6.1 This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties and replaces all insurance, contracts, declarations and prior agreements, whether orally or in writing All other conditions are excluded to the extent most permitted by law, including all conditions that the Client wishes to possibly apply. 1.5 The customer makes the premises available and CCTVGUY can begin installing the security system until the date indicated in the offer. The client is committed to ensuring that the premises are a safe working environment at all times and do not contain (unrestricted) asbestos or other similar hazards. This agreement is based on CCTVGUY, which has free and continuous access to the premises at all times, and on the fact that the security system can be installed in a continuous order. If restricted access requires CCTVGUY to cease or suspend work and/or leave the premises and return to the premises at a later date, CCTVGUY`s reasonable costs may be added to the royalties. 1.1 CTVGUY must install the safety system during normal working hours with all the appropriate skills and care and perform the work in a professional and professional manner. 4.1 CCTVGUY retains all rights, titles and interests that exist in all designs, documentation, diagrams or plans and other information and materials (“CCTVGUY materials”) made available to the Client for the purpose of performing services under this Agreement. 5.3 If the dispute is not resolved in accordance with point 11.2 above, the parties may either agree to refer the matter to mediation or some other form of out-of-court dispute resolution, or to initiate legal proceedings. 1.9 Small construction work such as ditching, backfilling and restoration, search provision, charity work, blinking, hunting, carpentry, and the provision of supports and foundation materials must be carried out by other persons at no cost to CCTVGUY.

1.6 The client provides CCTVGUY with adequate facilities on the premises. To the extent necessary and without further indication, these parking options include parking capacity, building performance, lighting, lifting and handling devices, scaffolding, chairlifts, raised work bridges and waste disposal jumps. 4.2 If the customer provides constructions, graphics or plans as well as other information and materials (hereinafter referred to as “customer supports”) under this contract, the Customer reserves all rights, titles and interests on these client materials, but grants CCTVGUY an unlimited, irrevocable, free-to-use license to use, use and modify the customer`s equipment, in order to enable CCTVGUY to meet its obligations under this agreement. The Client undertakes full responsibility for all customer support made available to CCTVGUY under this Agreement and undertakes to exempt CCTVGUY from any action, claim, liability, cost or cost resulting from an actual threat or infringement of intellectual property rights resulting from CCTVGUY`s use of customer material.


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